Skype Lessons


Since many of Javier’s pupils live outside of Spain, on-line lessons via Skype are available year round on weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. For those who prefer to have introductory distant lessons before making a trip to Suances – Skype is a convenient way to achieve that.

Cost is €45 per lesson.
Payment via PayPal.

Necessary educational materials will be sent out prior to the session via email.

All levels of harp playing are welcome.

For further information on Skype lessons, please contact Javier directly.


If you are not sure how Skype harp lessons work

One of the main opportunities Skype software provides is distant on-line education. Skype is a free service – the program is free, and Skype calls & video calls from computer to computer are free. See here.

In order to have Skype harp lessons you need:

Broadband connection (high-speed internet)
Skype software installed on your computer and registered Skype account
Digital camera (built in or external)
Microphone (built in or external)
Email access
Printer access (preferably)

After you have all pieces of puzzle come together it makes sense to have a trial Skype harping session with a friend, to get a feel of it, to make sure you sit properly in front of the camera with your harp, hands and strings visible on the screen, and your friend can hear you playing. Proper light direction helps well with strings visibility on the screen. But in any case just before your very first Skype lesson with Javier, you’ll have a 5-10 minutes setup time, to make sure all components are properly arranged.

Skype lessons imitate in-person lessons very well. You pretty much forget that you are countries or oceans across, communicating with the other person in real time with voice and video.

If needed, Javier will send out educational materials to you via email before the session. So you have time to print them out for the lesson. Or you can have them in digital version, if that’s more suitable for you.

If all this still sounds too complex for you, but you are interested in learning harping mastery from Javier – Harp Lessons by The Sea are your option.