Harp Lessons by The Sea

in Suances, Cantabria

Suances, Cantabria, Spain. Photo taken by Brenda Malloy.Accommodation:
* Javier’s house
* Self-catering flat

* Early Irish & Scottish wire-strung Harp
* Renaissance Harp
* Spanish Baroque cross-strung Harp

Extra wire-strung student harp is available free of charge.

All levels of harp playing are welcome.

Javier’s house in Suances on the Northern coast of Spain is open for harp students and historical harpers wishing to improve their technique, musical expression and ornamentation.

This is an opportunity to increase knowledge of repertoire and historical sources for the early Irish & Scottish wire-strung harp, Renaissance harp, and Spanish Baroque harp. Tuition and lodging are situated in front of Suances main beach and surrounded by the inspiring cliffs and mountains of the wild Biscay Bay. The house has a double and a single room for guests and it is available from the beginning of October to the end of June. The aim is to provide a calm and warm atmosphere, lodging with all facilities, and fresh home made food where students can receive their lessons and have practicing time. Students can enjoy their free time with a walk by the beaches, to the cliffs at the lighthouse cape, or visiting the beautiful medieval village of Santillana del Mar, just 5 miles away from Suances. Within an hour’s drive, one can visit wild mountains and beech forest as well as prehistoric cave paintings. In the South Cantabrian region, also within an hour’s drive, one can see more than a hundred beautifully preserved Romanesque churches.

Suances, Cantabria, Spain. Photo taken by Brenda Malloy.The maximum number of guests staying at the house is three people. Any student can come alone or with a partner or with other students.

The price for each person – including lodging with all facilities, food and wine – is €30 per day. The minimum stay is two days and the maximum is five. Each student will receive one or two private lessons a day at a cost of €45 per lesson. Students will have welcome access to Javier’s collection of books and music sources. If you are a wire-strung harp student, Javier has available, free of charge, a wire-strung harp, harp stand and music stand.

For students who wish to stay longer or to have more autonomy a self-catering flat has become available. For further details, see ‘Apartamentos Acacio’ in www.turismosuances.com.

All visitors will be picked up on their arrival and delivered on departure to Santander Airport, the Ferry Station or the Santander Coach Station. It takes about 25 minutes to drive from Suances to Santander, capital of the Cantabrian region. Santander airport has direct flights (Ryanair: www.ryanair.com) to Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Frankfurt-Hahn, Dusseldorf-Weeze, Milan, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona-Reus. For pupils coming from Britain, there’s a ferry link Santander-Plymouth (www.brittanyferries.com) that is open the whole year except January-February, with good prices. It is also possible to fly to Bilbao Airport and take the bus to Bilbao city centre. From there one of the daily regular coaches (Alsa: www.alsa.es) can be taken to Santander Coach Station from where guests will be collected. The coach takes about an hour from Bilbao city centre to Santander.


You can find student feedback here.

Suances, Cantabria, Spain. Photo taken by Brenda Malloy.

 If you have any questions regarding Harp Lessons by The Sea
– please, contact Javier.

Photo credits: Brenda Malloy


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