‘I’m so happy being able to come here and take lessons from you … we are sure that we will come again.’
Mari Takahama, February 2009 

‘It was a fantastic and unique experience to learn straight away with one of the best historical harps teachers and performers. Also a place of calm and relaxed atmosphere. A very personal teaching programme and a big source of manuscripts and music … definitely a place to visit and have a nice harping time.’
Vicente La Camera, February 2009

‘It has been a great privilege to be here … I carry home many precious gifts … The inspiration of your brilliant musicianship and the luminous renditions you so patiently taugh me, with their carefully crafted techniques and insights have opened a whole new world … I look forward to returning as soon as posible.’
Robert MacLean, March 2009

Suances. Photo taken by Brenda Malloy. 

‘I’ve had a wonderful and very fulfilling time here in Suances studying the early wire-strung harp, under your brilliant tuition and teaching skills. As always, since I began my lessons with you, I gain a greater understanding of the skills of playing this magical instrument. Javier go raibh míle maith agat for being a great teacher and host.’
Jim Johnston, May 2009

‘Fantastic experience. I very much enjoyed all the learning process during my stay at “Suances Harp Sanctuary”. I highly recommend Javier as a teacher to anyone who is serious about historic harps. Multi-dimensional education on many layers including music, history, art, nature, philosophy and other topics happens just naturally – I think that’s the exact approach that we are missing these days, and Javier’s got it. Music can be understood from many angles, and Javier is one of those rare teachers who’s depth of perception of the subject inspires and helps to open closed doors in our minds. Javier’s level of mastery of the instrument (clarsach in my case) is just mind-blowing. His strong desire to share his knowledge and skills touches you deeply. Flexibility of teaching process and direction is very encouraging for one’s own particular development.
And to add on top of that fascinating, magical Cantabria with it’s gorgeous views, mysterious forests, cheery mountains, moody sea, chatty rivers & brooks, vibrant skies, witchy moons, welcoming suns – and of course outstanding Spanish food including the one Javier cooks by himself at home – marvellous! Can’t wait to get back for more learnings and explorations.’

Alesya Yuskovets, October 2014

‘I would not hesitate to recommend, most warmly, “Harp lessons by the Sea”. One is in the sympathetic hands of one of the world’s very best practitioners in his field, the approach is scholarly and one has access to realisations and arrangements otherwise unavailable. The music is supported by both historical and literary material, much of it rare. The hospitality is excellent and the environment very beautiful. Do go if you can.’
Bob Dresner, April 2015