"An Introduction to Playing Wire-Strung Harp". Ann Hemann, Javier Sáinz, Bill Taylor.

An Introduction to Playing Wire-Strung Harp
Book + DVD
by Ann Heymann, Javier Sáinz & Bill Taylor

Siubhal (2012)

A tutorial music book of 14 lessons progressing from elementary to advanced arrangements with accompanying DVD. The music book presents fully notated and marked up scores of all of the video material. Book size 21cm x 21cm.

Excellent for all levels of players.


"E con la Harpa d'Orfeo". Javier Sáinz.E con la Harpa d’Orfeo

Repertoire for the Renaissance Harp, c.1550-c.1650

Artimaña Records (2011)

In this most recent work, Javier Sáinz explores the repertoire of the Renaissance gut-strung harp from Spanish, French, Italian and English sources. The techniques utilised and the use of the instrument in that period are explained in detail in the companion essay (in English and Spanish). Also included are engravings from the period. To complete the picture, the CD includes a selection of the fashionable courtly music that was played in the Renaissance on the early Irish and Scottish wire-strung harp.

A lavish edition with 54 pages on laid paper, and essay on Renaissance harps and music and a selection of engravings of the period.

Javier Sáinz: Renaissance harp & Early Irish and Scottish wire-strung harp

* Available only directly from Javier. *


"Silva Caledonia". Javier Sáinz.Silva Caledonia

Scottish harp Music of the 17th Century

Siubhal (2008)

Harp music was the first love of the Scottish nobility. Javier Sáinz champions two lost traditions: Highland and Lowland. Resurrecting historical instruments and techniques, he brings to life a heritage once prized in royal courts across Europe. Along with the music the CD includes a booklet of 62 pages with five articles written by Keith Sanger, Colm Ö Baoill, Nicholas Carolan, Barnaby Brown and Javier Sáinz.

Javier Sáinz: Early Irish and Scottish wire-strung harp & Renaissance harp


"El Lamento de la Cierva Herida". Javier Sáinz.El Lamento de la Cierva Herida

Sony Classical SK 62257 (1995)


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